2nd + 3rd City Deeds

Unless you feel like paying for them with mithril here’s some advice on getting 2nd and 3rd city relics to make city deeds. You’ll need 100 relics for each deed. (4th city deeds are currently only available by paying for them)

  1. Train plenty of T2 foot troops and T2 ranged troops daily
    (if you can train T3 troops instead you’ll have less troop losses but they do take longer to train)
  2. Upgrade your Sage’s Tower to level 8 or 9 as it increases relic drop rates
  3. Bookmark all level 6 – 7 goblin camps around you, about 25 of each should do
    (level 8, 9 or 10 you will lose too many troops)
  4. Use multiple heroes to attack multiple goblin camps of the same level type
    (this will save you time choosing troop types in the attack windows but be careful because your troop numbers may fall below what is required to defeat the goblin camp)
  5. If your saddle bag research level is low send in carts with attacks as well to carry plundered resources
  6. If you attack a camp twice because it didn’t drop a relic, it won’t give you as much rss since it hasn’t had time to replenish. Don’t worry about this if you have already mastered the art of farming other cities.
  7. Make looking for 2nd or 3rd city relics a priority over anything else in the game
  8. Set yourself a relic target. If you can find 10-15 a day you’ll have your city deed in just over a week.

Lev 6 Goblin Camp – Might 8,800
600 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)
400 Warg Riders (Tier 2 Mounted)

Attack with T2 or T3 Foot troops
Option 1 – 1000 foot T2
Option 2 – 500 foot T3


Lev 7 Goblin Camp – Might 11,200
800 Goblins (Tier 1 Foot)
500 Goblin Warriors (Tier 2 Foot)

Attack with T2 or T3 Ranged troops
Option 1 – 1500 ranged T2
Option 2 – 750 ranged T3

Sending in more troops and higher tier troops will result in less troop losses but play around with what works for you based on your current level of play…