2nd City Building

City Development
As as DS Alliance member we’re going to assume you already have a 2nd city. Will try to keep it as simple as possible (and by no means this is a definitive guide as every player tweeks their builds based on how they want to play, how many troops they have and what stage of building they are at)

You are working towards eventually having 4 cities so here’s the end goal:

1st City (the one you started with)
– Troop Storage City/City you farm from as it contains highest level hero
– Remove all farm plots/food wilds after 2nd city is claimed
– Troop training
– redevelop rss plots to be majority of ore/stone/wood (no farms)

2nd City
– Troop training
– concentrate on city first before rss plots (especially Academy so you can speed up research levels)
– develop rss plots to majority food

3rd City
– Troop training
– develop rss plots majority wood

4th City
– Troop Training
– develop rss plots to balance out rss production from other 3 cities

Note: If you want to be self sufficient you are always going to have to destroy rss plots and abandon wilds as you advance in the game and create new cities. You will also find that once your Might has got to about 9-10 Million that your first city troops are going to eat a lot of food that arrives from farming. You can immediately transport food to another city but you will get losses. It also make it hard to start builds or troop training. You have to minimize the time the food is sitting in the city, so start the build/training as soon as the food is delivered to city 1 and transfer any additional food to another city. When you get this stage it’s a good idea to try and build the 2nd city Hero to as high a level as possible and start farming from this city to minimize food losses when farming.

2nd City Building
The main theme for 2 cities is that you keep all your food in one city with no troops. The troops are all
kept in your other city with no food. In this way you can vastly increase your troop numbers. So you’re going to have to destroy farm rss plots in one city and only build lots of them in your other city. Same goes for wilds that you have conquered.

Also you need to have learned the art of farming other cities by this stage. If you have enough good farms, you don’t need to waste time building rss plots or conquering wilds but they are good to have if your game time is limited and you want to be a little self sufficient.

Your 1st city is normally used as your Troop City, the one you use to send attacks from and also your main base for farming other cities… especially when you first start out. This helps level up Exp for your 1st city Hero as well.

There are however limitations. You must send food from the food city to the other every time that you want to start a build, research or training. Build T3 Supply carts and keep them in your 2nd city (about 600-700 should do).

This is manageable at first, but as troop numbers go up the amount of food lost when transferred to your troop storage city increases. As a guide at 10,000,000 might will eat at least 83k food before you get to use it. At 20,000,000 might twice as much. Remember also that, if you have troops reinforcing you, you feed them too.

So before worrying about building might, concentrate on leveling up your buildings in your troop city as quickly as possible.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to build your most common buildings in the same spots in each city. Buildings like Great Hall and Muster Field you will have to click on thousands of times during the game so if you build them on the same plots in each city, you will save yourself a lot of time navigating to them when switching between cities to move rss, troops and assign heroes.

This is a List of what should be in your City 1 Setup
(Modified to suit any changes you need or want of course)

Upgrade this last as you won’t need it for quite some time.

Muster Field
Required to send Troops out – get to Level 10 ASAP

Great Hall
1 Hero per Level so if you want to do 10 Marches at a time you need Level 10 Great Hall.

Get this to level 6-8 ASAP so you can keep your Res under the Protection Limit.
Note : Also need to be built up in conjunction with “Strongbox” research in the Academy.

This is required to do your research, again, Each level restricts the level of research you can do so the higher the better.

Sage Tower
This is Required in your Main City (City 1) only, needed to exchange relics etc from Quests and Relic Hunting.

Watch Tower
This is required to see what is attacking you. The Higher the Level, the more information you can see
Note : Also need to be built up in conjunction with “Far Seeing” research in the Academy.

Required to build certain Troops in your Barracks, i.e. Warriors o Battering Rams

Required to build your Walls which in turn enables you to build up your Keep giving you more Res Fields and higher level cottages.

Required to build your Barracks above certain levels and to make “Riders” from your Barracks.

These are required to increase population to enable you to train Troops and build Production Farms for resources.
Note : It is Recommended that you have no more than 6 Homes but when you are beginning you may need more homes to increase your population and deconstruct them at a later stage your other builds have maxed out.

This should leave 14 Barracks to enable you to Queue up 14 Sets of Troops to train.
Note : The higher the amount of Barracks the quicker the Training Time as this is split evenly between the amount of Barracks e.g. 1000 Troops takes 2 Hours with 10 Barracks where as 1000 Troops take 1 Hour 30 Minutes with 14 Barracks. (Times depend on Research and amount of Barracks)

Res Fields
In your Main you should only have 1 x Food Farm, the rest split evenly between Stone, Wood and Ore. Only level up farms to Lev 6 as this is the most efficient use of population Vs production output