Alliance Boss Battles

Something that Sinners should be doing daily, if not 3 times a day is battling one of the many Alliance Bosses conjured up by other Sinners playing Campaign.

 What are Alliance Boss battles?battle-list2
Alliance Boss Battles are a team effort, with the final reward once the boss is defeated being Gathers Stones of different levels, which can be used in you Guardian tower to boost city resource production by 10% each level. The number next to each Alliance Boss indicates what level that boss is. Eg. Level 20 and 30 Boss rewards Gatherers Stones 1, Level 40 and 50 Bosses rewards Gatherers Stones 2 etc. Click on the “i” information icon of each boss to find out what the reward is.

There is a limited time the Alliance Boss can be attacked and they will escape if not defeated in this time. (meaning no rewards)

There is also a recover time for each player before they can attack a boss. You can purchase recovery time but this is a senseless waste of mithril.

How to summon an Alliance Boss
Go into campaign. For first stage Gatherers Stones go to Clearing the High Pass. Start on the first page of Clearing the High Pass and attack the camps. After a few hits, the alliance boss will come up on that page and he will be summoned to the Alliance Boss Page. You can use this method on each Campaign Map to summon even higher level Bosses,

boss-infoHow to defeat the Alliance Boss
Each Alliance Boss consists of Elite Mounted forces only, so Foot troops should be used as the primary attacking force. The higher the level boss, the more Elite Mounted troops it has. Killing the Alliance Boss is a team effort so don’t worry if you don’t defeat the boss, other alliance members will step in to help and everyone that participates, including the person that summoned the Alliance Boss, will  win a Gatherers Stone reward chest once the Boss is defeated.

Obviously only use your highest level hero. If you’re a new player with only a low level hero be careful. Elite mounted troops will do a lot of damage to your foot troops so only send in foot troops that you can afford to lose. Use attack/defense buffs if you have them and Hero gear (Ent gear is best but whatever you have is better than nothing)

If your hero level is low and you are just starting to collect gatherers stones ONLY ATTACK level 20 bosses. Send in any amount of foot troops that you are prepared to lose. You’ll probably lose them all but remember participation is all important.

Then use Alliance Chat or Alliance mail to ask for help defeating the boss. State the boss level and how many troops are left and another alliance member will attempt to defeat or kill more Boss troops.

The more troops you send in, the more damage you will do to the boss. T1 & T2 troops only send in Foot Troops. T3 you can send in Foot & Mounted. Experiment with higher tier troops as well if you have the numbers to send in 90k or 100k troops.
How to collect rewards
If you have summoned or attacked an Alliance Boss keep checking the boss page to see if it has been defeated. If the time is running out on the boss you have attacked, ask for help from other Alliance members.

Once the Boss is defeated, the player that summoned the boss and all the players that attacked that particular boss can claim the rewards (Reward button will be highlighted bottom right hand corner of Alliance Boss page)

Collection of rewards is also time limited so make sure you collect them before the time runs out.

Then go to your inventory chest list and open the chest. Once opened, go to your City Guardian and see how many stones you have collected. For the first Harvest % boost you will need 20 Gatherers Stones 1 – this will mean you need to summon or attack a level 20 or level 30 Boss at least 10 times or more.

Once you have reached the required amount of stones you can level up your city guardian. You have to repeat the same process of collecting stones for each city you have.

New player tips:
Train T1, T2 & T3 foot troops more than any other troop type as they will be put into good use attacking Alliance Bosses.

Don’t bother trying to attack higher level Alliance Bosses if you only need lower level Gatherers Stones. While you will be able to store the higher level stones for later use, your troop losses will be higher and you’ll only be wasting time having to rebuild troops and waiting for attack regeneration.