Alliance Campaign High Score Events – How it works

Now this short note stems from a lot of confusion I’ve seen with people on forums, in my alliance, and here on this site. People often wonder if you need to beat your personal High Score during an event for that score to count. The answer is NO!

Only the highest score posted on any map section DURING the event counts towards your score!

Example: In Clearing the High Pass, you attack the first Entrance Cave and receive a high score of 8000. Your Alliance will now have 8000 as the high score. If you attack the same Entrance Cave again with the same units and achieve a high score of 8100, your Alliance now has 8100 as the score and NOT 16,100. So your contribution to the Alliance’s overall score will be 8100 based on the two attacks to the Entrance Cave.

So especially in Alliance based events, it is more important to actually play every map section at least once than to get the highest score. Don’t worry you can be just below your personal high score and still make a lot of points count towards the overall score. If, during the event, you do a certain map for a second, third or more time, the highest score among those will count towards your overall score.

A lot of people think that only by getting the High score shield to pop up will the High Score be added to the alliances total. That’s just a waist of time and troops my friends.

So guys try this, in the next Alliance CHS hit every map from Necro 1-1 to Smaug 2-2 once. Try to get the best score you can get but be sure to hit them all once and then if you think you have a good change of bettering your score on a certain map go back and hit it. Remember only the highest score during that event will count so if you don’t hit a particular map section you don’t get a score for that map… and with that I leave you to Happy Hunting Seratfsg