Daily must do’s

This is more of a guide to new players but also a good reminder of what to do daily in the game to get the most free items and maximize use of your available playing time and building:

Share via Email to get free daily Gadriel’s token
Go to the Share tab at the bottom of the screen. Click email and save draft – repeat this until the message appears that you have won a free token.

Click the calendar tab and check in daily
Free chests are rewarded for every day you check in. Check in daily for the entire month to get the best chests.

Entrust and Donate
Part of the new Alliance Buffs and Shop, entrusting Amber Stones/Topaz Stones of Vala and Donating rss daily via the ALLIANCE TAB helps both the alliance and you. The Alliance buffs speed up building or training speed, increases vault capacity for everyone, upgrades the alliance shop or gives heroes more points in battle. You also earn LP or Loyalty points which can be spent in the Alliance Shop on refills, chests, city deeds – personally I buy campaign refills because you always need these!

Look at the Alliance Members tab and the donation rank to see how your contributions square up against other alliance members.

Moon Rune Discovery
If you’ve reached a level that the Moon rune appears click it when it glows to get Free items. You must have an Academy in the city to use the Moon rune.

Tauriel’s Circle of Fate
If it appears and you have free spins try your luck

Check the Tournament button or Alliance Boss screen for rewards.
Rewards from tournament wins or alliance boss wins are only available to claim for a certain period of time. If you don’t claim your rewards they disappear.  Now that tournament bosses offer more rewards like gear, hourglasses and gatherers stones and Valto runes for upgrading gear, it is even more important to check in multiple times during the day simply to attack an alliance boss.

Check your items list

Chests Items
You may have received free chests. If you have received items to help boost your city Guardian open them and if you have enough items (check Sage Tower or Guardian) claim and apply them before you do anything else.

Resource Items
Use them on low rss cities before requesting anything from the bank

Combat Items
If you can, please save any troops you may have in your combat item list. When there is an Alliance Might Tournament that’s when the Regent will request that you use them. This is the easiest way to gain might in a shortest amount of time.

Remember, ask the regent is we are actually taking part in a tournament. Sometimes we skip tournaments in order to save resources to gain even better ranks in the next tournament.

Check that city resources (rss) are not over the limit
If they are over the limit redistribute them between your cities or BANK them

Make sure your highest level hero is assigned to the right position before starting any building, training or research.
You only need to assign the highest hero before you start the build. After the build has started you can unassign the hero to use them for campaign or farming. The game will continue to use the original heroes salary costs and you benefit from the shortest build time that your highest hero can achieve.

Alliance Campaign Boss
Take on the boss daily to get Gatherers Stones to level up your harvest speeds via your city Guardian

Campaign Mode
Play daily to gain items to help you. Suggest for new players that you concentrate on Mirkwood as rewards will help you increase training speeds via your city Guardian

Visit Alliance Chat
Come say hello. Get to know the other sinners. Giveaway rss that you don’t need or request for rss if you have a big build about to start. Ask questions about the game. Get news on what the alliance is planning.

Alliance Tournaments
Check if we are taking part in an Alliance tournament. If we are, all alliance members are asked to try and take part to boost the Alliances tournament rank and win rewards. Regent and leaders will give instructions via the mail section or you can ask in Alliance chat about how you can help.

If you’re new to an alliance the concept of farming may be confusing. Basically you can get a lot of resources simply by attacking other cities around you. The cities that give up the most rss are cities that have high levels but their might is very low. Don’t waste your time scouting cities. Build T3 Carts and lots of them as the have the fastest speeds. You can use multiple heroes to send out carts only, or if you’re afraid of hitting walls send out some troops as well. The amount you send will depend on the level/might of the city that you attack or how much rss they have given up in the past.

Check your reports after attacks. If the city gives up decent amount of resources bookmark the city – I personally rename the bookmark and add the word “farm”, or “big food”, “big wood” to the name so I can quickly farm for specific rss when your game time is limited.

If you have too many resources please Bank. The banking system works to help all the alliance so please do your share of farming to help the bank. Bank co-ordinates are always updated on the Alliance Wall. Bank cords change frequently so always check before sending extra rss to the bank.