Forge runes – what, where and how?

Forge runes

Collected and used in conjunction with rss to upgrade your city buildings by runecrafting.

What is Runecrafting?

Runecrafting is building an additional 11 levels to certain city buildings. These levels are denoted with a star in front of them, so *1 to *11. Runecraftable buildings allow you to keep leveling beyond level 10. Runecrafting a building gives special bonuses which are different for each building, but usually coincide with their function in levels 1-10 eg. runecrafted Homes give more population and runecrafting the Musterfield allows you to send out more troops per army.

What runes are there and where are these runes used?

forging runesYou don’t need runes for every level from *1 to*11, you only need runes at 3 stages:

  • Level *4    Forge runes
  • Level *7    Ascension runes
  • Level *10  Master runes + you also need Hobbit Runercrafters to advance from *10 to *11. These can only be won in Gardriels token chests or purchased from the shop. They are very rare but if you want to train T5 troops you’ll need these.

How many do you need?

To upgrade one building you need the following amounts of runes:

  • For level *4,   you need 1650 Forge runes
  • For level *7,   you need 2570 Ascension runes
  • For level *10, you need 2700 Master runes

How do you get the runes?

There are two ways to get a hold of these three kinds of runes. The first is to win them in chests that you can buy in the shop sometimes, as well as in chests you can win in Galadriels Premium game. All three types of runes have been available in chests, but they come and go so if you want to buy them, keep an eye out for them in the shop.

forging runes sage tradeThe second method is by farming Forge runes in certain campaign chapters. The boss maps of all parts from Clearing the High Pass, Avenging Moria and Mirkwood have a chance to drop forge runes in differing quantities reflecting the maps strength.

Ascension runes and Master runes cannot be found directly in the game, but are instead upgrades which you can trade in your Sage tower at the cost of the Forge runes you can find yourself.

An Ascension rune costs about 4 Forge runes, while a Master rune costs around 10 Forge runes, making them hard to get, so be sure what you spend them on.

Avenging Moira has by far the best drop rate for forge runes but at the expense of more troops/might. If you only need a few forge runes try Mirkwood or High Pass bosses for less loss of might.

What’s the deal with the Sage tower trades?

If you look at the sage tower trade, you’ll see you have six options to trade one type of rune for another. You can trade Forge runes in 2 quantities for Ascension runes. In turn, Ascension runes can be traded in for Master runes in 2 quantities as well. Lastly, if you don’t need Ascension runes, it is possible to trade Forge runes directly for Master runes, again in 2 quantities.

The bigger trades offer better returns. If you need Master runes and have a lot of Forge runes, trade them in directly. Trading from Forge to Ascension and then to Master, you lose about 20%+ forge runes compared to trading forge direct to Master runes.