Handy Playing Tips Part 1

Here’s a list of handy playing tips for Sinners… we’ll add to the list often so come back for updates…

They are really waste of time and offer little defense from a large attack. However they can be used, once you have built up a decent amount of might, to provoke attacks from people that farm you. If you’re lucky you’ll be online when the attack comes and you can get some easy troop kills. But seeing that you can’t be online 24/7 most of the time your wall defenses will be destroyed and all you have done is wasted time building them.

Having a high level hero helps you build faster and boosts your troops attack/defense levels. Concentrate on leveling up one hero in your troop city first to 215. Your hero gains experience points every time they are used to attack cities, alliance bosses, campaign maps or goblin camps. You can also win Hero experience boosts in chests and chance games. There’s a free app on iPhone called Hero Level Calculator that can be used to calculate how much more experience and boosts you need to get your hero to level 215.

Once your troop city hero is the highest level it can, be start working on the hero from your next biggest city.

Before you start any construction, troop build or research task, go to your Great Hall and in the POSITION tab assign your highest level hero to any type of build you are about to start. This reduces the build time and can save you hours for lengthy builds. You can unassign the hero immediately after the build starts and it won’t effect the build time.

Before you go offline (or sleep) assign your highest level hero to Production. This will increase production levels while you’re away from the game.

Always have troop builds queued, construction and research underway before you go offline.

When building new cities don’t waste your time building a lot resource plots because you can get more resources from farming (attacking) other cities. Build a lot of T3 Supply wagons as these travel fastest and don’t bother scouting cities. Send out 500 supply wagons at a time using multiple heroes to cities around yours – you rarely lose carts to wall defenses and they can be easily replaced.

Look at the reports that come back in and if the city gives up over 100k of any resource, bookmark the city so you can farm it again another day. Look for cities that have a high level 10-20 but low might. Try and have at least 100 farms bookmarked so you can hit them daily for resources. BANK any resources that your city can’t protect while you are offline. Bank co-ordinates are posted in the Alliance Mail and change weekly.

Playing campaign and hitting alliance bosses daily will help you build relics in your Sages Tower. Once you have the required number of relics, they can be used in your Guardian to help increase training speed, harvest levels troop attack and life buffs.

I suggest hitting Mirkwood map a lot to find Swift Stones and Gems. This will increase your troop training speeds which is more important for new players. You can work on increasing attack/life buffs later.

Train a greater number of foot troops than any other troop type to use against Alliance Boss and Mirkwood campaign map. They also come in handy against Goblin Camps Level 6 for 2nd/3rd City relic hunting.