Hero Gear Guide

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Tap on your Great Hall to get started!
Here you can equip your Heroes and view the Attack, Life, Troop Limit benefits of your Gear. You can equip up to five pieces of Gear to every Hero.

Tap on Equip to view each Hero and your Gear collection.

– Tap on Details to see the stats increases of your equipped Gear
– Tap on Information to view the individual stat increases from each piece of equipped Gear.
– Tap the [i] button to access a guide on identifying the Gear Attributes

Tap on a piece of Gear to view its Attributes and its increase in Base Stats.

– Sets of Gear are organized by color.
– The number in the upper left corner indicates how many Attributes a piece of Gear has.
– Rarity is defined by the color of the Gear and its number of Attributes.
– Gear can have up to four Attributes.
– Each additional attribute a piece of Gear increases the base level stats of your Hero, as well as the Troops identified with the attribute Icons.
– Select pieces of Gear can give you a permanent Might increase.

Tap the [i] button to access a guide on identifying the Gear Attributes

The grey bars with the icons and stars identify the Types and Tier of Troops the Attributes apply to.

The symbol inside the the Attribute Icon identifies the benefit of the Attribute.
– Wings indicates Speed
– Swords indicates Attack
– Heart indicates Life
– A Bag indicates Troop Load.

The symbol in the lower right corner identifies the Type or Tier of Troops.
– T1 applies to all Tier 1 Troops, T2 applies to all Tier 2 Troops, etc.
– A Bow & Arrow applies to Ranged Troops (not all Tiers)
– A Bag applies to Transport Troops (not all Tiers), etc.

The Stars at the top of the Attribute Icon indicate the strength of the attribute.
– Four stars are the rarest and strongest Attributes

Tap on Details to view all of the stats increase from your Equipped Gear.

Play around with different combinations of Gear in order to find the stats increases that are best for you.
– Equip a Hero with Gear that is focused only on Supply Troops in order to Transport resources quicker.
– Equip a Hero with Gear that benefits only Tier 4 Troops, then Train and attack with an epic army of elite Troops!

Upgrade your Forge to unlock increased Gear storage Capacity and remove any unwanted Gear by selling it.