SPAM attacks for 3rd & 4th City relics


Farming your Third and Fourth City Relics made easy


1. Use high level camps and high level Sage tower

The basics: Relics drop from goblin camps with a certain chance. The higher level the goblin camp (minimum 6), the more relics. Likewise, the Sage tower increases drop chance, so higher=better.

The new strategy is to SPAM attack a level 9 goblin camp over and over. The advantage of a level 9 camp is is that it only has ranged Goblin types (2100 troops to be exact) spread across the Tiers, so you can attack it with exclusively Mounted troops, which are “Strong against” ranged.

2. Drop chances

As stated, go for higher levels Sage tower and camps for better drop chances. From my attacks, the drop chance with a level 9 Sage tower and level 9 goblin camp is between 6 and 11%. This means that, in total, you will need to attack the camp 900-1660 times to acquire 100 relics.

3. Do empty camps also drop relics?

YES, a camp which has not regenerated its goblins after defeat can still be successfully attacked for relics. SPAM attacking the same camp, the initial attack defeat the goblins. The majority is attacks on empty camps, giving goblins no chance to respawn.

4. Wont this hurt my might?

NO! The first attack wipes out the goblins. Normally, they regenerate after some time (easily within one minute, but not sure exactly how long it takes). The chain attack however gives the camp no time to react.

This means you loose only what I loose on the first attack (they do regenerate after a while so you also lost at this point as well).

5. So I should be close to the goblin camp?!

Yes! This is literally the ONLY way this strategy might fail! In order to chain attack, you ideally send out your last available hero just before the first returns, so that you can repeat this cycle indefinitely. So, ideally, you will want a camp within one minute of your base, preferably within 30 seconds (which is the minimum travel time in this game).

I happen to be so lucky I have a level 9 camp literally next door. If you dont, there are still some options:

  1. Use a Gandalf’s gift to move in (port) next to a level 9 camp
  2. Use Radagast’s gift and hope/pray you move closer to a good camp
  3. Use higher Tier units to decrease travel time

The key here essentially is that the time between consecutive attacks on the camp is shorter than the respawn time of the goblins!

6. Do I use the map or bookmark?

Bookmark! When you attack on the map, you ‘marches’ sub-menu (those green bars, you also have them for training and building) pop up every time an attack is finished or a march returns to your city. With 8-10 marches out this covers (on-screen) the map location you are centered on, i.e. when you press the goblin camp to attack, if the green bars pop up, they cover it on your screen and you have to click them away before you can attack. Given that your chain attacking, chances are they keep popping up and this is pretty annoying.

So, to avoid, just bookmark the camp once. Give it a name starting with “AAA” or ****something, so it is at the top of your bookmark screen (which is alphabetical). Now, simply attack from your Musterfield using the bookmark and no green bars will annoy you.

7. How much time should be between attacks?

This depends on marching speed and number of heroes available.

  • I have a level 9 Great Hall in my ‘Sage tower city’, so 9 heroes at my disposal.
  • When you check the attack time on my map, you should see it takes the army 30 seconds.
  • Which means the round-trip time is 60 seconds.
  • When the first attack/hero returns, your last attack/hero should have just left my city
  • So divide 60 seconds by 9 heroes = 6.7 seconds between each attack.
  • Meaning that attacking once every 7 seconds (easily doable) you can sustain the attack chain.

In short, divide round-trip time by number of available heroes…


Basically everything has been said already…

  1. Find a suitable goblin camp closeby
  2. Bookmark it correctly
  3. Go to Musterfield
  4. Start attacking with highest Hero
  5. Keep chain attacking the camp, spacing attacks correctly
  6. Attack…attack…attack again
  7. Construct your third city!

9. How much time does it take?

You need approx.1660 attacks max with about 7 seconds between attacks.

1660 attacks x 7sec between attacks = 11,620 seconds = 3.23 hours = 3 hours/14 minutes

Good luck with farming people!