Tactical Troop Info


What are they?

  • Pack Mammoths
  • Master Rangers
  • Stone Giants
  • Lyncean Raider *NEW
  • Woodsmen *NEW

Tactical troops aren’t your normal troop tier. They do not fall under foot or ranged and in terms of attack/defence against foot, ranged or mounted, both Rangers and Stone Giants have equal attack/defence values against any troop type.

As many of you know, a new age of troops is upon us. You have battled and fought with the Stone Giant, Pack Mammoth, and Master Ranger. Now it is time to welcome two new Tactical Troops to Middle-earth. Introducing the Lyncean Raiders and the Woodsmen. These two new Tactical Troops will improve any army they march with. The Lyncean Raiders and Woodsmen are available with v9.3. Scroll down for more info on these new Troops!

The Lyncean Raider:

Known for their high speed and swift combat, the Lyncean Raiders are a powerful utility in any army. Their high speeds are great for attacking nearby opponents and taking their resource fields by surprise! They excel at scouting your far away enemies as well as providing support in combat.

Stats for the Lyncean Raiders:

Attack: 700
Life: 1,400
Speed: 3,600
Load: 0
Might: 100
Upkeep: 0

Specialty: Extremely fast troops for scouting and raiding resources.

The Woodsmen:

Hailing from the troubled forest of Mirkwood, the Woodsmen are masters of their craft, and that craft is brute strength! These heavy-hitters know how to inflict tons of damage on the battlefield and carry no fear of attacking first. Front line troops will fear these warriors, even the mighty Stone Giants. While they are proficient at inflicting damage, they do not possess the sufficient amount of armor to withstand heavy damage, making them vulnerable to attacks. The Woodsmen will be the first to launch their assault, as well as the first to sustain damage in combat.

Stats for the Woodsmen:

Attack: 1,425
Life: 700
Speed: 1,400
Load: 10
Might: 100
Upkeep: 0

Specialty: High damage but very fragile. Will always attack and defend first.

The Master Ranger:

Highly skilled and incredibly lethal, Master Rangers of Middle-earth are experts in slaying goblins, trolls, and orcs. Their skill in open war is lackluster, making them weak to the current strength of troops in Middle-earth. The Master Rangers will help out any army conquer the Campaign.

Stats for the Master Ranger:

Attack: 800
Attack Modifier in Campaign: x4
Life: 1,000
Speed: 1,400
Load: 35
Might: 0
Upkeep: 6

Specialty: Conquering campaign. Weak in standard battle.

The Pack Mammoth:

Originally used for combat and mobilized archer towers, the great commanders of Middle-earth have found a greater use for these massive creatures. Outfitted with heavy loading gear, the Pack Mammoths can carry a large amount of resources between cities. Because of their natural and sluggish pace, they are not favorable for looting missions, but they are perfect for transporting large amounts of resources.

Syats for the Pack Mammoths:

Attack: 20
Life: 2,400
Speed: 700
Load: 55,000
Might: 10
Upkeep: 60

Specialty: Carries tons of resources, but very slow.

The Stone Giant:

Originating from the Misty Mountains, these elusive Colossals strike fear in their enemies. Their thunderous, yet laborious attacks can devastate any army. However, due to their slow nature, the great commanders of Middle-earth have utilized the size of these creatures for absorbing damage in the front line of battle. These Stone Giants are the first to endure enemy damage, as well as the first to dish it out.

Stats for the Stone Giants:

Attack: 100
Life: 2,850
Speed: 800
Load: 3,000
Might: 100
Upkeep: 0

Specialty: Tanking unit for troops. Has very high HP, but low Attack. Will always attack and defend first.

Source: Kabam Forums


What do they do?

1. Pack Mammoths

pack mammothPack Mammoths serve the purpose of being incredibly big supply units. They carry massive loads around; Their base load is 55k resources, or 110k with lvl 10 Saddlebags!

That is almost ten times the amount T5 Supply Columns can carry.

With the increased load, the upkeep is also higher, but at 60 upkeep/Mammoth, still relatively lower than other supply units.

So if you need to ship RSS fast, use T5 supply, otherwise, these Mammoths are the way to go.

2. Master Rangers

master rangerThe Master Rangers are the attack units of any army. They do roughly 3.5 times the amount of damage compared to T5 units (without Strong/Weak bonus). In terms of speed, they are slightly faster than T5 troops, and almost as fast as T5 supply. With 6 upkeep per Ranger, they need less food than even T3 supply.

They also have zero Might! So potentially, these units can make attacking other players’ open cities really worthwhile, and make cart reining less attractive.

The trade off to their high attack power is their lower defense, much lower compared to other tier troops. This means they need some other troops to catch the blows while they finish of the enemy. Luckily, they are attacked last in an attack, after other tiers of attack units. But, the last Tactical Troop is the perfect companion as it turns out.

3. Stone Giants

stone giantStone Giants are damage absorbing units. They sport the exact opposite stats of the Master Rangers: Incredible high life values, but low attack values. They can take roughly 2.5 times the amount of damage as T5 troops.

By themselves they are pretty useless, having an attack value between Tier 1 and 2, but backed by T5 or Master Rangers, they will lead the attackers’ attention away from the other units and considerably lower your losses. Their large size does make them somewhat slower than other units, even slower than T3 troops. On the other hand, they need no food at all.


tacttroop attributesWhere do you get them?

They usually turn up in small quantities in chests for sale in the shop, so if you want to spend some mithril, go buy them. Also watch out for Premium sales, these tend to have a lot of Tactical Troops as well, so save up your tokens!

You can also win them in all rounds of Tauriels Circle of Fate. Each time the wheel comes online, it usually focuses on one of the three troops, so watch out for ones that offer the troops you need most!

Lastly, they are offered as prizes in some tournaments, so if you have a strong alliance, that’s another way to win them.

How do you use them?

So, with the above described atributes, it is clear there are some distinct uses for these troops. Well, maybe not the Mammoths….they are just supply troops, so nothing really special here.

4.1 Campaign

The main intention for these troops were to use them in campaign, and rightfully so. We can start to forget anything we know about campaign guides, what troop types to send in, and forget our previous high scores. The Tactical Troops are gonna change the landscape.

Of course, you still need to figure out the best ratios of Stone Giants and Master Rangers, but it is made easier due mostly to the lack of troop type of these units. So figure out the right numbers for your setup, and watch your scores explode!

4.2 Combat

The attributes of the Stone Giants and Master Rangers also make them very suitable to add to your normal combat set-up, whether defending or attacking. Information is scarce as to whether these units perform as well against Elves and Dwarfs as they do against Goblins. The Master Ranger description does read “..Their skills might be lost on Dwarves and Elves”, but we’re not sure whether that refers to their combat performances, or their skills against Goblins alone.

But potentially, adding in Master Rangers to an attack army might greatly increase your TK’s. Conversely, having a batch of Stone Giants in your city when under attack might dramatically lower your losses. If you know you can zero an open city, you might even want to add Stone Giants to attacking armies as well. Also expect to have the ‘Cart rein’ trick be replaced by massive reinforcements of Stone Giants instead.

The great advantage of course is, besides their incredible battle performance, the fact that they have little or no might, so they can easily skew TK/Might ratios in your favor when used correctly. The downside of course is the fact the troops need to be bought or won, so unless you can spend a lot of mithril, keeping up the Tactical Troop numbers in your army is gonna be hard if you use them for all above mentioned situations.

 Source http://beardmonkey.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/tactical-troops/