Wall Defense Attack Guide

Wall defenses are not troops, but they do have their own Might Values. Wall Defenses cannot be set to ‘Hide’ or ‘Defend’ – they are always active. Unlike other forces, City Wall defensive units cost no food upkeep.

Building up your wall defenses is a way to defend your city, boost your Might fast, and intimidate other players. However, they can be easily taken down as well. Please keep in mind that building too much walls can actually lure attacking players to your city, for they want to increase their Troops Killed. Thus, be cautious of how many walls you build. A wall can kill attacking Porters, Supply Carts, and Supply Wagons without any losses of wall defenses but experienced players will come back to destroy the wall defenses as payback.

Like regular troops, wall defenses are divided into three classes, each having the same strengths and weaknesses as an equivalent class of ground troop. Use this as a guide to decide what troops to send in to take down the wall defenses of a city.

Attack Life Might Value Strong Against Weak Against
Traps 1 2 18 Foot Mounted
Caltrops 1 2 18 Mounted Ranged
Defense Crossbows 1 2 18 Ranged Foot
Rock Droppers 2 4 24 Foot Mounted
Thorn Hedges/Dragon’s Teeth 2 4 24 Mounted Ranged
Defensive Trebuchets 2 4 24 Ranged Foot
Fire Droppers/Boiling Lead 4 8 30 Foot Mounted
Tanglevines/Chain Webs 4 8 30 Mounted Ranged
Mist Globes/Fire Throwers 4 8 30 Ranged Foot